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Mr.N.Veerabrahmam is the author of the book "Bible Bandaram" which means 'The Treasure of the Bible'. He claims to have dealt with the Bible from a scientific and rationalistic point of view and claimed that the Bible has 100 inaccuracies / errors in it and is wrong. In 1959, the High Court of Hyderabad, ruled out that this book cannot be released and all copies of this book, where found, should be forfeited to the Government; as such claims should not be made against The Bible. Not leaving it there, Mr.Veerabrahmam approached the Supreme Court of India, the highest judicial forum and final court of appeal of India, in 1962. The Special Bench ruled favourably that the book "Bible Bandaram" can be released in whole of India as there are inaccuracies / errors in the Bible as mentioned by Mr.Veerabrahmam.

As Christians, what should we do when the Word of God, The Holy Bible, that we believe in is claimed to have 100 inaccuracies / errors by Mr.Veerabrahmam? Should we not challenge and question Mr.N.Veerabrahmam?

That is what Jayashali Mr.P.D.Sundar Rao, Director of Bible Open University India-International is doing again. We will raise the petition in the same Supreme Court of India, which issued the ruling in favour of Mr.Veerabrahmam in 1962, to reopen the case but this time WE will stand for the Word of God, the Holy Bible. As Christians we will fight on behalf of the Word of God, The Holy Bible and in the same Supreme Court get the ruling that proves that the Word of God - The Holy Bible that we as Christians believe in, is accurate and correct by all means. We are ever ready to challenge anyone in any part of the world who say that Bible is wrong and we can prove that there are no mistakes /errors in the Bible; the perception of the individual can be wrong but not the Word of God- The Holy Bible.

As Christians, let us all stand together unanimously in this battle to proclaim the greatness of the Word of God- The Holy Bible. Please pray and join hands with us in this battle.