Jayashali Mr. P.D. Sundar Rao

Director, Bible Open University India

The one and only challenging worldwide speaker who has preached the truths from the Bible as stated by the Heavenly Father and who has deposed all who stood against the Bible & Christianity and mocked it. Frustrated by the myths, traditions and ambiguity that he encountered in his search for the Divine truth about God and God’s purpose in each person’s life, he embarked on a journey to study the Bible himself extensively.

After 25 years of a delving meticulous study on the Bible on a word-to-word basis, he drew close to the truth that Bible, the Word of the Eternal God, has been misinterpreted in all possible ways that can ever be found through the deceit & cunningness of Satan who has caused blindness to the spiritual eyes of the people and that he had also created an army for himself of the false teaching preachers and so-called holy men of today’s world. He went through an arduous ordeal facing and bringing down such false preachers and anyone who proclaimed anything other than the truth from the Bible. The so-called “wise” men who mocked Christ, God & the Bible were not overlooked.

Many along the likes of Mr. N Veerabrahmam,Dr. AhmeedDeedat, Mr.RavipudiVenkatathri, Dr.VedVyas, Leonardo Da Vinci against ‘Da Vinci Code’, Stephen Hawking were challenged in public and brought down. Mr.P D SundarRao was honoured as ‘Jayashali’ (Conqueror) when he won the public debate over Mr.RavipudiVenkatathri.Even international body NASA & the Media have been challenged that the Bible is the book of God and that its authenticity exceeds all the sciences of today and were also sent out literature on many interesting topics like “Aliens do not exist” and 2012 is not the end of the world.

International leaders like Mr.Tony Blair (Former UK Prime Minister), Mr. George W Bush (Former USA Prime Minister), Mr. John Kerry, Mr.Kofi Annan (Former UN Secretary General), Mr. John Howard (Former Australian Prime minster), Mr. Jacques Chiraq (Former France President), Mrs. Sonia Gandhi (AICC President) have been sent literature and made aware of the intentions of God towards their country and what would happen if they do not adhere to God’s word and His purposes and to regard the Bible, which holds mammoth indispensable array of knowledge, with utmost reverence. He is the only first person to reveal that the birth of mankind was in Turkey, Asia both scientifically and biblically. This was corresponded to the Turkish government but no response has been received till date. This can be proved anywhere in the world if challenged.

In order to rescue the world and the Christians out of this ignorance, he established the ‘Bible Open University India’ in 1984, since then scores of people who have the zeal to live for the Lord are educated and taught to be transformed into Jayashali’s to topple the wisdom of the world and to establish the authenticity of the Bible. He still considers himself as a student in the Bible as he says that there is such immense knowledge in the Bible that it is mindboggling.
In this venture of his, he Opened a one of a kind facility where children from the age of 12 and above are sent to be trained to be scholars in The Bible for 5 years. He came to this conclusion because the irrational society of today can only be transformed if the mishaps are exterminated in bud. The children of today well equipped with the unprecedented Biblical knowledge fabricate the humanity based on veracity.